Betty and Veronica

Betty and Veronica

My best friend and I were obsessed with Archie comic books to the point where we identified ourselves as Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. These two characters were complete opposites, just like our friendship. Betty (me) was a little more laid back and simple while Veronica (Tiani) was basically a diva. But through the many stories of Betty and Veronica agreeing and disagreeing, differences, and fighting over the same boy, they always seemed to hold that strong bond no matter what. Now, I know that it’s just comic book stories, but I like to think that no matter what Tiani and I go through, even the ups and downs and silent grudges, I can’t just flush a 22-year-old friendship down the drain.

So cheers to friendship. May the good times, girl talk, and dancing heavily outweigh the fights, gossip, and distance.


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