Savvy culture

My niece, Riley Jade, is a familiar face to my blog.  When Riley takes a break from her “chatterbox” mode (which isn’t very often), she checks her email from time to time, has a great attention span for television shows, and sings Adele from watching youtube clips on her iPhone.  She counts from 1-20 in Spanish with the help of her friend, Dora the Explorer, and is currently working on her colors.  Amarillo.  The color yellow.  The color of O’ahu where she was born and raised for about two and a half years with her mom (my sister, Ang) and dad (brother-in-law, Erick).  They are officially on their own in Washinton state now, ready to take on a new journey of the mainland lifestyle along with another minion on the way.  Although this change ‘hits home’ for my entire family, I know that we’ll still be connected through love, faith, and the wonderful invention of technology.

I’ve been told that I’m “hooked” on social media (whatever that means).  To me, that’s kind of the only way I can see my family.  If I’m not talking on the phone with them, I’m looking at their Facebook album of their day at the mall, trips to the beach, or even breakfast at my favorite restaurant, wishing that I was there with them.  As silly as this sounds, the simple connection of Skyping with my family makes me feel at home all over again.  For the past several years, to me, a family day was an hour of staring at my computer while my mom, dad, sister, niece, aunties, uncles, mama Lisa, and cousins try to squeeze into the video screen yelling, “Hi! Miss you!” all at once.  That may not be your typical family game night, but I consider that as quality time for me.

Savvy culture

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