Oh, so pretty

I went to my first #BeautyConLA with my friend, Jaime, and it was definitely a fun experience. There were lots of vendors selling and handing out hair products, facial masks, and makeup galore. I thought I was in a Hunger Games movie surrounded by people from the capital with their neon-colored hair and dramatic eye shadow with purple stained lips. We left with multiples bags filled with freebies six hours later, but it was totally worth the time hanging out with my home girl for the day.

As we made our way toward the exit we stopped to take a photo with this backdrop that said, “You don’t need lipstick, lipstick needs you. What makes you feel pretty?” At first I laughed at the, “lipstick needs you,” part of the sentence because really? Lipstick needs me? Moving on.

However, the last question made me think about how the freebies in my bags wouldn’t be the only source of helping me feel pretty. I can go from singing I Feel Pretty like Maria in West Side Story to singing Unpretty by TLC in a heartbeat. I often find myself allowing external factors define what beauty looks like, which then leads me to use the word, pretty, to describe myself in other ways like:

pretty weird
pretty funny
pretty shy

Overtime, I’ve learned to see vulnerability as a form of beauty because it reveals a person’s natural state while it organically brings people together connecting on levels they never expected to reach. Conversation after conversation leading into validation and transformation. Developing into being your best for you.
It’s a process.
It’s a journey.
Do the work inside and out.
The holistic healing you deserve.
You’ll probably have to go through this again.
But at least it wouldn’t be the first time.
Use vulnerability as a foundation.
Continue to wing that eyeliner, pop that lip, and make your eyebrows on fleek.
Just don’t use makeup to make up for the areas you see as flawed.

So ask yourself what makes you feel pretty? Oh, so pretty.

Oh, so pretty