Love Me a Latte 

Since I’m in Washington for a while I thought that I should take advantage of the coffee shops around the area. Those who know me well would support this. As I searched for cafes on Yelp I wondered why I find such solace in reading a good book in a coffee shop. Maybe it’s the book or the ambiance of the place.
Maybe it’s the moments shared with others like
sister talk with close friends from grade school
catching up on the past couple weeks
introducing new boyfriends
talking sh!t of why they’re now the ex
studying for biological basis of human behavior
then complaining why it’s a required course in the first place
laughing about the weekend on a Sunday morning
first dates
second dates
bad dates
really bad dates
catching up on the past couple months
trusting the process together while preparing for the comprehensive exam
whining together the day before then wining together the day after
reuniting with old friends
catching up on family, dreams, and the unknown
connecting with someone new over Harry Potter
or rereading an oldie but goodie like Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

Whether I’m alone with a book, hurting with laughter with my people, or appreciating a good latte, I find comfort in this space because I know my time is being well spent.

Love Me a Latte 

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