Mixed Emojis 

Telling my students about my last work day was probably the most difficult part during my transition out. Their reactions, emotions, and facial expressions can only be best illustrated by an emoji keyboard. The students in the photo was the last group I shared my news with. A few of them have been with me since my first day on the job. I braced myself to receive the expected spectrum of responses, but what I didn’t see coming was a student who stood on the table, looked at me in the eye, and said, “Oh captain my captain.” I almost lost it right then and there, but I kept it together. Thankfully no one followed this student’s lead because I can only imagine a bunch of students tumbling down like a tower of Jenga pieces. Most of them probably didn’t know what was going on anyway because they haven’t seen the movie. The moment transitioned into taking a fun photo and then the meeting resumed to its agenda.  

Mixed Emojis 

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