Book Lover 

His name was Bobby and he looked nothing like that cartoon character from Bobby’s World. He was my reading buddy, well, mine and Tiani’s reading buddy. He was the first and only person we both had a crush on. We were living up to our alter egos as Betty and Veronica way before we got into the Archie comic books. Fighting over Bobby as if we had a chance.  Anyway, this was back when I was five-years-old. He was in the sixth grade and obviously way out of my league. He probably dreaded reading to kindergarteners while we reacted otherwise. It’s funny how we can remember our first crush. Maybe I was already developing a type I like without even knowing it. Like having an older guy read books to me (bonus points if he’s a Harry Potter fan). One can only dream. But for now it’ll be me, my Kindle, and a fuzzy blanket until someone’s cool enough to join my book club. 

Do you remember your first crush?

Book Lover 

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