Aly Harper


A tickle war usually lasts about twenty minutes. I’m not competitive, but I win every time. She may be petite, but she can eat up to rounds two, three, and four with rice all over the floor. She mixes up her F’s and P’s along with her C’s and T’s. She likes sfrinkles on her tuptate.

She’s my mini me. Always wanting to do things on her own. Very sweet, but don’t do her wrong because she has this look in her eyes that can shoot daggers into your soul. Her laugh is contagious and she’s silly to the core. One day she held a black marker and told me to draw a mole on her face like mine. Just imagine my facial expression -_- How can you not laugh at something like that though? 

My favorite moments with her is when we talk about her dreams. They’re extravagant, detailed, and sometimes into another world. A jungle of wild animals, but not hippos. She told me that hippos don’t live in the jungle. I got schooled by a three-year-old. She may be my mini me, but she inspires me to still dream. 

So dream. Dream big. Even if you forget it the next morning. Dream like it isn’t real. Then make something happen. 

I’m on the left. Aly is on the right. Both about 8-9 months old.
Aly Harper