Love Life 


No I’m not engaged. Not even a little. Not even close. 

Instead I keep getting promoted from third wheel to fifth. On a good night I’ll even reach ninth wheel status. I even learned how to juggle multiple smart phones to take the same group photo about five to six times. 

I’ve dated. Been on dates. Made contingency plans. Did the fake laugh. Did my real laugh. Sometimes the snort came out. 

My friends constantly tell me to write a blog about all my dating stories. I tell great stories, especially about the awful dates I experienced, but writing about my love life (or lack there of) is very difficult to put in words without the concerns of what others might think. And I’ve learned that that’s okay. It gets lonely, but I’m not alone. To feel anything less than happy for those who are in love is simply wasted. The main thing I get to focus on is not so much my love life but to love life. So I encourage you to do the same regardless of what your status is. Love life. 

Love Life 

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