The butter beer tasted like butterscotch cream soda. It was the perfect drink for the overcast weather. We walked around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with bright eyes, Christmas morning smiles, and 10-year-old souls. The books came to life before our 3D glasses and the whomping willow danced as we dodged its swinging branches. The main attraction left us mind blown even after the third time we rode it. We could’ve gone for a fourth run, but a voice of reason knocked us to our senses. Oh I wished that Dobby was there to greet us. We immersed ourselves in that magical day along with the random splashes of water that Universal Studios is known for. Who knows where that water has been and we’re in a drought, but that’s neither here nor there. The day was spent as if time wasn’t an issue as we got a little bit louder now on every escalator. We left with owls, house pins, chocolate frogs, and photo albums bursting with memories. The real magic was the people I spent the day with. Real talk, real laughter, and real friendships that could’ve only been sorted by fate. They’re more than keepers. They’re my snitches before b!tches. 


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