Keep Portland Weird

I stepped outside of the Portland International Airport expecting a cool, crisp breeze of fresh air, but instead I stepped out onto what felt like a dry sauna. Oregon is beautiful and Portland is nothing short of surprises like a walking harpist, five-second street fights, and face painted people celebrating just another Saturday night. Food trucks is a norm here and I hope that they keep Portland weird. Voodoo donuts was a must even though we got three cavities just looking at the menu. 

We can hear trains passing by, which is Landon’s favorite. When he heard another one pass he turned to me and said, “Remember? Never, never, never give up,” (referring to Thomas and Friends). I’m pretty sure my heart cried a little from a three-year-old quoting a train. He is so full of energy with such an old soul. So, to quote Thomas the train and my nephew, Landon, “Never, never, never give up.” Never give up on yourself no matter what the circumstances are because you are worth loving. 

Keep Portland Weird

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