Bedtime Routine

Cousin Love

Patience – the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. A test we fail and succeed, but a test we can take over and over again if we choose to do so. Take bedtime routine with kids for example. Bath time. Pajamas. Brush teeth. Bedtime stories. Prayers. Lights out. If only it were that simple. 

It’s more like getting the kids into the tub, the water’s too cold, now the water’s too hot, more bubbles, where’s the other bath toy, rinse and dry, putting their pajamas on, still putting their pajamas on, too much toothpaste, don’t forget to brush your tongue, okay now gargle, rinse your toothbrush, put back your step stool, why is there water all over the counter, convincing them to use the toilet just in case even when they don’t want to, picking a bedtime story, negotiating on how many bedtime stories we can read, alternating pages on who reads what, trying to balance the book so that everyone can see the pictures, turning the page without the hardcover swinging into your face because of the angle you’re in, finally finishing the stories, tucking them into bed, taking turns praying for the family, which then leads to praying for everyone and everything including imaginary friends and stuffed animals, then good night kisses, turning on the night light and closing the door, but not all the way, just halfway because the kids still need to know you’re there, and then closing it when they’re finally knocked out and snoring. Bedtime routine. A test of patience. 

One time I did a victory lap around the kitchen table when I finished the bedtime routine in half an hour. Half an hour! I should put that on my resume. For those who experienced this specific test of patience before or those who experience it on the daily, I raise my glass of chocolate milk and salute you. Even though it may be a rough journey at times you know that all those kisses, hugs, stick figure drawings, and I wuv you’s make up for every moment you felt like throwing your patience out the window. Regardless on how your day went remind yourself that you are doing your best and that your best is more than enough. 

Bedtime Routine

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