School Girl Daze 

Every time I got asked about how I was in high school I would start off with, “Yea… We never would’ve met in high school.” Then I continued to share how I was never really a part of a group of friends, instead I was involved in student government all four years, the chairperson for senior prom, was in love with my Spanish teacher, a member of the color guard team, a wannabe emo kid who shopped at Hot Topic but never experienced a mosh pit, a member of the medical club even though I had no interest in the medical field, and how I couldn’t wait to get the funk out of there. 

High school wasn’t the greatest but I don’t feel hurt talking about it anymore. I’m grateful for my dance ohana being my true friends during those years, especially when I was trying to figure out who I wanted to be. I am thankful for those years because if they never happened I probably wouldn’t have pursued my college degrees and career here in California. I wouldn’t have the village I love today. High school wasn’t the greatest but I have no doubt that it contributed to the person I am today. 

See your experiences from a different point of few. It might bring you some validation, peace, or maybe you’ll end up with the same bitter taste in your mouth just thinking back on it. Regardless, remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and that there’s truth behind your experiences. Never forget where you came from and never let it hold you back from where you’re headed. 

School Girl Daze 

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