There’s no candle in the world that can replicate the scents of a family barbecue dinner. Steaks and sweet corn on the grill. Fried chicken on the stove. Balsamic vinaigrette dressing for the salad. Red wine being poured in time for the toast. Okay, maybe all those scents combined in a candle might smell like a hot mess, but it fills a home with good times, mighty appetites, and food coma. Kids are running in and out of the house, there are numerous chefs in the kitchen, and I’m on the stairs drinking my hard cider while eating strawberries with Aly. Some people might look at our dinner spread and think, “that’s a lot of food,” but to us it’s just another Filipino dinner. It’s not a holiday weekend, but we found reasons to celebrate an ordinary Saturday night. That’s how we should live life anyway right? Not waiting for a specific date or holiday to get people around the table to share meals, stories, and laughs. Life can get busy at times, but don’t let it get too busy to where you can’t enjoy what you worked so hard for. 
Cheers. Clink. Celebrate. 


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