Today is the day 

Two months ago I wrote about a strange peace that came over me when I felt like I was at one of the lowest points in a season of life. I didn’t know how to process it. I didn’t know where to go from there. Even though I understood that the seasons of reasons are temporary, all I knew and felt was loss, but this peace never left my trembling heart. 

This peace doesn’t feel foreign anymore. It doesn’t confused me. It doesn’t leave me wondering where it came from, why, and when will it leave me again. I always thought about everything I should have done and everything I have yet to do, which basically describes the two days that aren’t worth stressing too much about – yesterday and tomorrow. I no longer let my worries control my thoughts, emotions, and actions. To say I’m at peace is an understatement. I know what that peace is and how much it fuels my being. I learned how to enjoy the journey even though there were every reason telling me not to. 

As you find your peace practice kind love along the way. Being kind to yourself and others. Being grateful for even the littlest victories. Sharing a warmhearted spirit to this spinning world. Practice kind love. So be kind, love. 

Today is the day 

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