A smile so wide

She waited until it stopped spinning so that she can join the fun. Once it stopped, she picked a seat, held on, and enjoyed the ride just like that. She didn’t know anyone on that playground, she didn’t know who was controlling the fast pace, and she didn’t anticipate how dizzy she might get. All she did was sit back and laugh with a smile so wide she could’ve caught a fly or two. Then when it was over she got off the ride and went onto her next adventure.

She reminds me to live the kind of spirit that can get put in the shadows sometimes from daily demands.
The kind that dances to the beat of one’s own heart and not by the rhythm of others and
the kind of spirit that lives in the present while the surrounding colors blur into a temporary muse.
A fearless spirit that is so easy to love.

So, live and let your heart celebrate.
Smile so wide until you almost catch a fly or two.

A smile so wide

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