Oh, darling

I laugh so hard to where I snort sometimes.
I try to flirt, but it comes out awkward.
I like to list fun memories so that I can read back on them when I need a good laugh.
I listen to Ryan’s Roses on Mondays and Thursdays.
I know it’s fake.
I give others the benefit of the doubt even though sometimes it results in being taken advantage of.
I can get lost in a good book.
I love kids, but I’m terrified of parenthood.
I like cheesy romance even though I play it off as if it doesn’t phase me.
I speak FRIENDS and can’t wait to find my lobster (do the claw thing again).
I don’t know the lyrics to many songs, but I can hum a great tune.
I will buy a four dollar churro at Disneyland.
I hate theme park water.
I do better with deep conversations than the surface level small talk.
I always need a cup of water after eating ice cream.
I make a big deal about my birthday because it’s a good reason for anything like a bonfire or karaoke.
I am loved more than I’ll ever know.
I love fearlessly. It’s who I am.
Oh, darling, what you see is what you get.
How will you ever keep up with me?


Oh, darling

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