Your hand was a full house when all I had was a flush of spades with an ace
that I hoped would be my saving grace in this never ending game you constantly put
on hold for your enjoyment and for my torment. You
dealt me a handful of jokers when all the while the only joke was you.
That poker face showed
that this fifty-two card pick up wasn’t thought through
and I wondered time and time again of what could’ve been and if you only knew.
I folded those thoughts and tucked them away
as I turned the game and made it my own. I twirled
my skirt and found myself picking up the pieces of a new pattern,
a lifestyle that only had one suit,
one focus,
one truth
that fit. That among
the diamonds that cut my vulnerability to the core I will remain
as the queen of hearts with no bluff, no clubs, or bullshit. I will remain
and continue to watch the stakes rise until someone is brave enough to say,
“I’m all in.
But even then My heart will remain
to be treated like a queen by none other than yours truly as I double down on
the courage to love
and our future in the shuffle.


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