Take the Time

People wondered how I got to be where I am now – happy and at peace. The days fluctuate. It wouldn’t be real if they didn’t. 

It was clear, but not easy. It was a burden that tried to break me. It was a process that I leaned into.

It’s still clear, but not easy. It’s still a burden that tries to break me. It’s still a process that I continue to lean into as much as it hurts to do so on some days. 

It takes time. It takes the limited time we have. 

So, I took it back.

I took the time to feel and now I’m taking my time for me. Going through the motions can be heartless and we weren’t meant to live that way. There is no balance in doing so. 

Something or someone will be let down or let go. Just make sure that someone isn’t you. 

Take the time…your sweet, sweet time. 

Take the Time