The Golden Kola

I was told that Inca Kola was like drinking the rainbow so, of course, I had to test this theory expecting a world of color. It was an experience and probably not one I would take again because I don’t drink soda, but the rest of the Saturday afternoon was well spent with good company, girl talk, and caramelized plantains. There was no rush or time frame or even a wait for something better. Just a heart-to-heart conversation of one topic leading to another filling our open minds with validation, encouragement, and faith that everything happens for a reason whether we’re ready to understand it or not. The most we can do is to choose what’s best for our peace of mind. Big life decisions or simple life decisions whatever they may be will work out they way they will with no permission or consideration at times. Regardless, have faith, lean in, soak in the luxury we have or didn’t ask for, and drink an Inca Kola.
The Golden Kola

2 thoughts on “The Golden Kola

  1. I went to Peru on a school Spanish language trip when I was younger. I remember LOVING Inca Kola because it was sickeningly sweet. I haven’t thought about that in a while… thanks for reminding me! ❤

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