I was walking and talking with a friend in my own blissful world.
Then I saw you and immediately looked down to avoid eye contact,
but I felt your eyes on me anyway.
The intensity burned a cold sweat on my temples as I felt you coming closer and closer.
You stopped right in front of me,
I looked up at you,
and studied your face like I did before
tracing every wrinkle, scar, and emotion.
I looked back down,
walked around you,
and continued my conversation with a friend.
Then I woke up with with a disturbed heartbeat that throbbed throughout the day searching for some kind of sick joke or symbolism behind it all.
A dream?
Or simply my subconscious?
Regardless, I woke up and got out of bed.
At the end of the day I learned that the most important part of that dream was my sense of control. I walked around, walked on, and continued living my life despite the heavy steps that it took to do so.
Then as a cherry on top with a flip of an affirmation card I was told,
“I am strong, I am grounded, I am powerful. I am like a cross between a dinosaur and a tank. But not a tank that is used for war. I am like a peaceful, loving dino-tank who feels so strong it doesn’t need to do anything but be.”


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