Lip Stain

She felt sad for you
wanting to be that light for you,
but she learned that you can never light a puddle of wax that burned pathways of scars connecting to who you really are
and so she layered her smile
one shade at a time
hoping that each color shined brighter than the last
to compensate the weight of her heavy heart
that melted permanently on her arms so full that sleeves wouldn’t suffice in covering it all.
There’s no way.
No way of knowing her seal of a kiss due to the lip liners of those who deceived her.
It stained so red it disguised as love
as each label rose from one disappointment to the next.
In time
tissues no longer carried her tears,
they smudged away the spectrum of insecurities
until her lips chapped into its honest color –
a natural shade
of beauty.

Lip Stain

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