Bears with no teeth

I never want to fall in love ever again.
I want to walk in love with confidence of who I am,
with the capacity to love as greatly as I can,
and with a faith so strong that looking back wouldn’t even be a considerable choice.
I want to walk in love knowing that my steps are waltzing beside his
in a pattern that cannot be replicated.
It’ll be consumed by the silent moments
in our road trip to the stars
that will never align since we’ll be making our own constellations
with our fingers intertwined,
inhales and exhales,
and double knotted shoelaces.
I’ll keep walking in love
to the pace of my cautious heart
that swallowed the stitches for each scar to shimmer with a dancing light
and use its story to inspire others because we often forget
that we never walk this road alone
wherever you stood or stand in your lifeline.
Walk gently
as you approach with love,
choose to love,
and live by love.
Bears with no teeth

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