Beach Boulevard


We often reminisce on the numerous possibilities of the crossed paths we may never know of –
treadmills at the gym,
coffee shops,
grocery stores,
or breakfasts at Denny’s.
We talk about our similar worlds with nostalgia in our souls
and confused thoughts of how we were strangers in the first place.
We get lost in wanting more time,
but never wasting our wishes on turning it back,
which adds beauty to the present.
So let’s choose to keep each other,
a reoccurring choice that goes unquestioned
with our hearts aligned with affirmation and faith
because you can’t make up this kind of love we have.
Let’s drive down Beach Boulevard toward the pier where it all started
where I asked to stay a little bit longer
and you stood by me and said of course.
Let’s break the clocks
and throw the hands
that tick with expectations that will never measure up
to the reality that doesn’t fit all.
It’s okay.
It’s more than okay.
The paths we reminisced about are not lost,
it was a journey of preparation for us to find ourselves first
and then each other
to practice the only thing that matters most –


Beach Boulevard

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