The Current

I was supposed to be getting ready for school.
I was in kindergarten.
It was dark.
Our windows were decorated with tape.
It looked like huge snowflakes.
My mom was watching the news and told me that I wasn’t going to school that day.
It was the day hurricane Iniki hit Kaua’i.

Hurricane Lane took over the talk of the town this week
from category to category,
stalking up on water and spam,
taping slippers to the ground,
and tracking its path.
During times like these people often say,
“prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”
The unsung notes of that phrase is
the weight of waiting,
the anticipation for it to come and pass
and to force yourself to pause
like the eye of the storm.

So the next time something else in life
causes you to prepare for the worst
and hope for the best
remember the importance
and value
of waiting
while being kind to your soul
and living wholeheartedly through it all.
Hopefully that next time won’t be another hurricane in the season.

The Current

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