A week ago they gave us two-inch binders filled with schedules, content, and assignments. We were placed in a small group with instructions to
work together,
share best practices,
and learn about the profession.
That’s how our week started.
Uncertainty of what’s to come or how to even get started.
We sat silently on the patio eating dinner with the sunset, humidity, and the San Diego view. I think my sweat revealed more of my awkward energy than anything else. The first words I said to my small group was, “I promise I’ll be more social after I eat. I’m just so hungry y’all.”
No joke.
No shame.
Just my appetite and constant regret of portion control, especially when there was so much food left over.
That’s how our week started. However, our week ended with more than what I expected it to be. Getting our presentations done was only the bare minimum.
We not only worked together, we laughed together.
We shared best practices like every professional development opportunity, but we also shared encouragement for our futures.
We learned about the profession and learned even more about each other’s stories.

I get to make a difference in the world and do good work with these beautiful souls by my side. That holds more value than any price tag. This is why I do what I do.

To my small group,
you will forever be the ferocious, fighting orcas in my heart.
(Cue whale wave) – Mendoza

College Board Summer Admissions Institute 2017

The One With the Experts on Hawaiians

Moving to California for college was a huge step for me.  I had to adapt some of my lifestyles and skills just to keep up with the L.A. pace.  I am very blessed to have Alex and Matt in my life because without them, my college experience would not have been as eventful as it was.  I’ve learned to love and immerse myself with the Hispanic culture in Southern California and my friends learned a few things about Hawaiians as well.

Of course, they were kidding.  Weird thing is, some people really DO think that pineapples grow on trees.

The One With the Experts on Hawaiians