No short cuts.

It was second nature to should on myself daily.
should look like them.
should be more of a leader.
should be there by now.
The word
set the tone of voice and standards of how I viewed life.
Standards became limits and those limits turned to constraints that cut the circulation at the wrists.
Reaching out felt pointless with numb fingertips and the
kept snowballing as fast as my carousel of thoughts.
I think the most annoying thing about anxiety is its weight than can never be measured.
But over time I learned that it can be managed.
I wish there was a science to it or secret tips I can share,
but for now I encourage you to shake off the
and make your bed.
A thirty-second dance party can help.
No matter how the rest of your day goes
say to yourself,
“I got out of bed today.”
No pressure.
No shoulds.
Just you
moving forward
with another given day that’s too grand for any short cuts to the kind of happiness you deserve.
The only should to keep in life is a shoulder to lean on until you can be that shoulder for someone else.
Be gentle to your soul and approach everything with love.

No short cuts.

50 Words 

A lover of coffee, books, photography, and Harry Potter.
Her positivity and laughter is pandemic to family and friends.
She is simply loved more than she will ever know and
she will continue to approach others with love wholeheartedly always.
Ashley strives to remind women that they are beautifully enough.
What would your 50 words be?
50 Words