I got out of bed today.
That’s what I tell myself on my best days and my hardest days.
That’s one of the ways I know how to love myself.
It’s a simple struggle.
The irony.
But every way the day unfolds is a bonus.
So if whatever you’re going through makes the day seem unbearable
just focus on getting out of bed.
You might surprise yourself on what you’ll accomplish after that. 




I’ve always wanted a brother as long as I can remember. My sister and I would usually complain about that around Christmas time when we’re struggling to put Christmas lights around the house. My auntie was lucky; she had five brothers that watched out for her, five brothers who loved her, and five brothers that carried her to her final resting place. Like any other family-oriented person, she loved talking stories and gossip with my mom and dad. Even though my parents moved out of the neighborhood, they were never out of the loop. Although we’re still feeling the lost of her physical being, we still feel the love and spirit that she brought to our lives. It’s been almost seven months now, but the emotions remain fresh and unforgettable. Rest in peace Auntie and “enjoy the view from heaven; beats the hell out of mine here.”